Severe weather warning

According to the latest data published by the National Weather Service EMY, an unfavorable weather front is approaching Greece. Meteorologists are warning of extreme weather deterioration. The barometric minimum formed in the upper atmosphere over Italy is shifting to the southeast. Cyclone GENESIS will mainly cover western, central and northern Greece starting today Thursday (09.06) […]

Three weekends will be overshadowed by bad weather: an emergency forecast of meteorologists

An emergency meteorological report of bad weather, which will begin on Saturday (5/3) and will mainly affect the western and northern territories of Greece, has been published by EMY forecasters. According to the emergency bulletin, writes in.grbad weather will hit the country over the weekend: heavy rains and thunderstorms, in some places heavy snowfall (in […]

Snowflake, snowball, snowstorm, avalanche…

Hope dies last… until we get ahead of it. So sadly the Greeks joke about the cyclone “Elpis” (which means “hope”), the bad weather that hit Attica and brought many serious problems to its inhabitants. The bad weather of Elpis left our country, leaving behind snowy blockages and the fury of citizens towards the authorities, […]

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