60-year-old anti-Vaxer refuses treatment and dies

More and more cases of refusals to undergo necessary medical procedures in hospitals by coronavirus and vaccination deniers are being identified. After the patients refused intubation and transfusion of vaccinated blood, one of them in Drama allegedly refused to take antibiotics, which in his case proved fatal. Deputy Governor of Drama Georgios Papadopoulos told about […]

Air disinfection devices with 93% efficiency will be installed in the metro and buses

High protection against coronavirus, which can reach up to 93%, is provided by special devices for air disinfection, which are widely used abroad, as evidenced by recent studies. And it is possible that soon we will see them in Greece, in the metro and buses. They have already received the “blessing” of the country’s chief […]

Pfizer and Moderna: the degree of protection of the vaccinated

The forced mandatory vaccination of medical personnel with drugs from SARS-CoV-2 made it possible to assess the degree of “reliability” of Pfizer and Moderna in real conditions. Theodore Psaltopoulou, Yiannis Danasis, Panos Malandrakis and Thanos Dimopoulos (EKPA Rector), doctors of the therapeutic clinic of the Kapodistrian National University of Athens School of Medicine, Theodore Psaltopoulou, […]

Free Internet and “Freedom Pass” have an expiration date

The free provision of GΒ internet for young people aged 15-17 who have been vaccinated against covid, announced by the Prime Minister at the International Fair in Thessaloniki (Διεθνή Έκθεση της Θεσσαλονίκης), appears to be valid. From the amendment presented by the parliament the other day, it follows that the term for the provision of […]

Visit to the dentist for vaccinated – no express test

It is expected that the government’s decision regarding the timetable for citizens’ visits to the dentist will change again. Without a rapid test, fully vaccinated individuals will be able to visit the dentist. The Greek Ministry of Health is obliged to provide a negative test result for Covid-19 for both vaccinated and unvaccinated patients. The […]

Brothels: only 20% of women workers are vaccinated, it is impossible to comply with the measures

Due to the fact that brothels have returned to work since June, and, according to the competent services, the sector of these services has been significantly affected during the quarantine, the president of Σωματείου Εκδιδόμενων Προσώπων Ελλάδας (Σ.Ε.Π.Ε. »Implementation of measures announced by the government for work in closed (internal) premises. “In practice, the measures […]

New treatment for coronavirus

Starting Monday, the antibody drug Ronapreve will be assigned to vulnerable coronavirus patients undergoing treatment at the UK National Health Service. This is a cocktail of antibodies that Trump received. According to the publication www.dw.com, the drug will begin to be prescribed to the most vulnerable groups of patients who cannot produce natural antibodies to […]

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