Virology scientists explain COVID-19 outbreak in successfully vaccinated Israel

The paradoxical increase in the incidence of coronavirus in Israel, where most of the population is fully vaccinated, explain the immunologist Vladimir Bolibok and Professor Alexei Agranovsky. Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor of Moscow State University, virologist Alexei Agranovsky claims that the increase in incidence is associated with the “delta” strain, the main difference of […]

Israel, Italy, Germany, Turkey – yesterday’s negative 2021 coronavirus records

Over the past day, frightening reports of the spread of the coronavirus have come from different countries, and even the Ministry of Health of the vaccinated Israel announced an anti-record of 2021. The Israeli Ministry of Health announced yesterday the highest number of SARS-CoV-2 cases recorded this year, at 10,945 in 24 hours, bringing the […]

Special Operations Forces of Greece during the exercise “HD ANNUAL-21” in Israel

A multinational exercise of special operations forces took place in Israel. Greece also took part in them. Among the participants in large-scale exercises are the special operations forces of Greece, Great Britain, France, USA, Italy, Jordan, Morocco, Israel. The Greek mission included 12 heads of the special military command Warfare Command. The exercise, titled HD […]

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