State support packages due to price increases

As prices get higher and higher every day, and the population begins to grumble, the authorities are frantically looking for an opportunity to ease tensions by issuing from time to time handouts benefits. New emergency measures to be announced within a month This was recently stated by government spokesman Giannis Ikonomou, who told the media […]

Minister of Agriculture: “There are no problems with food security in Greece”

Greece will have no food security or supply chain problems due to Russia’s war with Ukraine, two countries that are the world’s most important grain exporters, the agriculture and food development minister said on Monday. The increase in grain prices since the start of the Russian invasion has been “breaking” one record after another, and […]

Why are food prices so high in Greece?

Soaring prices, a global phenomenon, can be largely imported into Greece due to its heavy dependence on imported energy and raw materials. But that’s not the only reason why the prices of basic commodities in the country have skyrocketed. There are a number of factors behind this pervasive rise in prices, ranging from energy and […]

Inflation in Greece is growing every day

Inflation in Greece “jumped” to 10.7% in May from 10.2% in April. According to preliminary data announced by Eurostat, inflation in our country is boosted by prices for liquid fuels and electricity, but for several weeks now there has been a significant increase in prices for basic products such as food and detergents. It is […]

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