Cyclone Eve arrives in Greece

The Greek authorities are on alert in connection with the arrival of Cyclone Eve in Attica.

Residents of Attica are expected to receive an emergency message 112 advising them not to travel. On Sunday, rains and storms will pass in most parts of the country, phenomena that will be locally intense or maximally intense, which will cover the east, center and south of the country by evening. Hail will pass in places.

Tomorrow, 6/11, from noon, weather disasters are expected in the Cyclades, the islands of the eastern Aegean, the Dodecanese and Crete. Atmospheric conditions favor the transport of dust from Africa.

Showers and thunderstorms are predicted in Attica, as well as a chance of hail. Southeasterly winds with a force of 5-6 Beaufort, and from the late evening of 5/11, will change direction to the east/northeast. During a thunderstorm, the wind will intensify in places to gusty (squall). The concentration of dust in the atmosphere will increase. Air temperature from +16 to +20°C.

Showers and thunderstorms in Thessaloniki, chance of hail. Wind east/southeast, force 4-5 on the Beaufort scale. Air temperature from +14 to +19°С.

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