April 24, 2024

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Posting paid articles

1. We accept articles on any topic that does not contradict the legislation of the European Union.
2. We do not ask about a license, this is your problem, but we do not prosecute.
3. We place all paid articles on the DOfollow link
4. We can also publish in existing articles that we have on almost all topics, if the material is less than 1 year old.
5. In addition to the English language, we have 12 subdomains in 12 languages, where translations of information from the main Russian-language site are published. Each of the sites is independent and has a separate registration with Google, Bing, Yandex, etc. 5 subdomains, operating for more than 3 years, 12 January 2024.
6. The cost of placement does not depend on the subject matter, but depends on placement on the main site or subdomain: 30 euros, in other languages depending on the language – for example, English and German for 15 euros, Greek, Spanish, Ukrainian, Hebrew for 10 euros. Other languages for 5 euros. Discounts for packages of more than 10 places.
7. We do not accept sites with dangerous scripts.
If the link leads to a page that contains dangerous or malicious scripts, or if the page contains, we reserve the right to delete your publication without notice.
8. Payment options

You can pay for advertising through a bank account:
Eurobank: IBAN GR3802602000000430106055945 SWIFT EFGBGRAA
NBG: IBAN GR6701101550000015567705924 swift trapesas bic ethngraa
Bank of Piraeus IBAN GR8201721260005126035164032 PIRBGRAA
Payment only through issued Invoice
If the payment amount is below 50 euros and is made to the above accounts not from one of the above banks, +3 euros is added to the payment amount.
Via credit card using the secure PayPal payment system transfer to the account [email protected]
Revolut @pavlols52
Yumani 41001510529181
In https://en.rua.gr/advertising/ other details.

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