September 27, 2023

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About us

Welcome to the Athens News Internet portal .

How do we attract our readers?  First, every day we publish a detailed feed of news and information about Greece in Russian, as well as in 10 other languages that are translated by artificial intelligence.
We have collected a lot of valuable and unique information about Greece and life in this country:

  • News section  News, events, incidents, analytics, events and opinions, articles, interviews and much more. Not a single noticeable news has left our tenacious pen for the last 17 years. 
  • Videos  – our video reports from the place of events, cultural events, various events, and just video sketches about Greece.
  • Events  – announcements and announcements of upcoming exhibitions, concerts, performances, meetings and more.
  • Immigrant  – section dedicated to immigrants. News , useful advice , work , advice from a lawyer , where you can find thousands of answers to all possible questions regarding laws, marriage, or business in Greece, and you also have the opportunity to ask a question yourself and get a qualified answer to it.
  • Athens  – in this section you can get voluminous and comprehensive information about the capital of Greece, ancient Athens. Museums, exhibitions, food, shopping, attractions and more.
  • Greece – a section about the country in which we are located. Information, history, education, laws, as well as about Greece and about the Greeks.
  • The Help section is necessary for those who want to find the necessary phone numbers, get information about transport, medicine, weather, find the embassies or consulates of the CIS countries.   
  • Tourists in the section of the same name will be able to find the necessary and useful information not only about the sights of Greece, but also learn how to save money, where is it better to swim and what to do if? ….
  • The Business Catalog will introduce you to enterprises and individuals who perform various services, or sell their goods and at the same time speak or understand Russian.
  • And on board ads , you can submit your personal or commercial ads. For example selling a kitten or an apartment.
  • Life  in English is life,  – here you can find all kinds of information about food and drinks, about psychology and medicine, about the relationship between men and women both in Greece and abroad. Here you can even laugh, reading funny facts from the history or today of Greece, and women can find the information they need about children or about beauty.

A little about us:

  • Our reader: everyone who is interested in information about Greece, events in the country.
  • We are translated, quoted, interviewed for radio and TV, like specialists in Greece, or vice versa in Ukraine or Russia for the Greek media or the media of other countries.
  • We are read in more than 180 countries around the world (according to Google statistics). The site receives about   18,000 people daily ,  which is about 0.5 million visitors per month, the number of page views is about 1,5 million pages . Over the past 18,5 years of the project’s existence, about 51 million people have visited it . Detailed information on the statistics page .

Our employees:
The editorial staff of “Athens News” employs 4 people, and several more people constantly or periodically write for our editorial office. All these are professional journalists or experts in their field of activity.

If you like Greece, you study, relax, work or live in this country, then we will gladly accept you as a co-author. With co-authorship, you will be allocated a separate login-password pair for posting your materials or travel reports on the pages of Russian Athens. With co-authorship, the main requirement for the materials is their usefulness for our readers and compliance with the editorial policy of the site. Details of the offer can be found by contacting our editorial office: [email protected] or on the contacts page

For the owners of websites and blogs,
Athens News welcomes the development of relations with blogs and Internet sites on various topics, especially those closely related. If you have something to offer, we will be glad to find out the details in your letter sent to our e-mail: [email protected] . In turn, we are very flexible and friendly to fellow network members.

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Best regards, administrator and owner Pavel Onoyko