2 out of 3 Greeks have cut spending on food and reduced the use of home appliances

Two out of three citizens have reduced their electricity consumption and food purchases, and eight out of ten regularly “hunt” for promotions and discounts held in supermarkets. Since the money spent is now the main criterion for choosing products. This is the result of a study by the Consumer Goods Retail Institute (IELKA), which reflects […]

"Unbearable worries": school supplies have risen in price by 20%

Rising prices for stationery, fuel (gasoline) and electricity combined to send Greek families’ spending skyrocketing just a few days before schools reopened. Endless problems and hardships due to inflation torment citizens, as they “derail” the family budget, which does not add up, even with government assistance. The upcoming opening of schools (September 12) causes a […]

Car tire prices are on the rise

An additional burden will be placed on the household budget after the increase in tire prices, which has already occurred in the Greek market. With rising fuel costs, households need to cope with another major financial burden, which is tire price increases. The events in Ukraine, which led to sanctions against Russia, from which exports […]

By analogy with the FuelPass, the Greeks will be given a food bonus

The countdown to the announcement (annual report) of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on ΔΕΘ has already begun. According to the financial staff is considering the possibility of providing an allowance for the purchase of food.If this is possible, the most vulnerable social groups, after the fuel and electricity allowance, will receive food. It will be, […]

Mykonos: the bill is like a “slap” to tourists

Complaints of dissatisfied tourists who visited the island of the Winds grow and multiply. Exorbitant prices, unacceptable service and bill scams have become the main topic of discussion in the foreign media, which has made tourists disgusted with Mykonos and put it in the category of unacceptable vacation options. While the country suffers from inflation […]

The energy crisis has reached our plate

Moscow’s “games” with the refusal to supply natural gas to Europe led to a flurry of rising prices for bread, milk, legumes and other staple foods. Until the middle of last year, the dairy industry mainly paid attention to the cost of the main raw material it uses, that is, the price of milk. It […]

Penalties for "golden sunbeds" on the beaches and exorbitant prices

Inspections by the multi-agency Market Watch Group are intensifying as complaints of overpriced sunbeds, as well as food at beach cafeterias and dining ferries, have intensified. In connection with the fifteenth of August, the number of daily inspections of prices for goods and services by the Inter-Agency Market Control Group (Διυπηρεσιακή Μονάδα Ελέγχου Αγοράς, ΔΙΜΕΑ) […]

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