Turkish Defense Ministry ordered the cadets to swim the distance to the Greek Kastelorizo ​​(video)

The Turkish Defense Ministry uploaded a provocative video on Twitter showing cadets of the Naval National Defense Academy sailing a distance similar to the Greek island of Kastelorizo, in a symbolic attempt to highlight the island’s proximity to the Turkish coast. The video, uploaded on Saturday, January 1, shows twelve cadets from the Naval Academy […]

Greek police officer arrested in Turkey. Foreign Ministry demands an explanation

A Greek police officer and a woman accompanying him were arrested in Turkey while traveling to a neighboring country. The arrest mobilized the Greek police, as well as the Greek Foreign Ministry, demanding an explanation from the Turkish authorities. The 41-year-old policeman was traveling to Turkey through the Kipi customs point on an ancient excursion […]

Turkey introduced a new export brand

Turkey’s export brand is now Türkiye. This is the spelling that all products exported abroad should use: Made in Türkiye. The brand change is justified by the increased awareness of Turkish products. On Saturday, the corresponding decree of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was posted on the official website of the Turkish government, it has already […]

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