Moscow: “The Americans will surrender Greece, like the Kurds, in exchange for Erdogan’s loyalty to the West”

In a lengthy article, RIA Novosti laid out its position on the recent agreement for Sweden and Finland to join NATO, reached with Turkey lifting its veto when it was offered the compromises it requested. Russian The agency said: “Athens understands that their interests can become another handout in exchange for Erdogan’s loyalty to the […]

Chicago: 4th of July Parade Shooting (Video)

Police are searching for a gunman who opened fire at an Independence Day parade in the Chicago suburb of Highland Park, Illinois. According to the latest data, at least six people died, more than 20 were injured and were taken to the hospital. Police are looking for a suspect who managed to escape, according to […]

US imposes sanctions against China over Ukraine

The United States has imposed sanctions on five Chinese companies and research institutes in response to an alleged attack by a Chinese military special cyberattack unit on military and nuclear installations in Ukraine as part of the Russian invasion, according to intelligence reports released by The Times. These are the following Chinese companies: Connec Electronic […]

“Decolonization” – the US government initiated discussions on the idea of ​​dividing Russia into parts

The US government launched a discussion about the “moral and strategic” necessity of dividing Russia into several separate states. A briefing on the “decolonization of Russia” was held at the US Government Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, writes Niccolo Soldo in the article “Delirium about Russia” on the Substack portal. By according to […]

The Hill: Biden’s reaction to the Ukrainian conflict is his second mistake

After the shameful US flight from Afghanistan, there are ominous signs that the US is leading NATO to an even more humiliating failure in Ukraine. The Hill. According to the author of the article, this is fraught with a redistribution of the world geopolitical structure. America’s hasty and chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, without proper consultation […]

Varoufakis on Assange: “This is the message: kill whoever you want, drop as many bombs as you want, the main thing is not to get caught”

Janis Varoufakis spoke on MERA radio about the decision of British Home Secretary Priti Patel to extradite Julian Assange to the United States. The general secretary of the MERA25 party stated that those who today condemn Putin’s war crimes in Ukraine are the same people who not only committed war crimes and are doing it […]

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