Robert De Niro hotel opens in Santorini

The first Nobu Hotels opened in Greece, in Imerovigli (Santorini). The hotel has 25 apartments, including five villas and five suites, and the first Nobu restaurant in Greece, overlooking the famous sunset, will operate on its territory. The restaurant will be headed by certified Cordon Bleu Madrid chef Ricardo Marin, who will offer gourmets classic […]

Rising rents and skyrocketing inflation plunge Greeks into poverty

Rising rents are another factor affecting the financial situation of Greek city dwellers, along with rampant inflation, especially rising energy and food prices. According to a survey conducted among just over 1,000 respondents by the research and communications firm About People , almost half (47.8%) individual tenants are either having difficulty paying their rent or […]

Athens is a magnet for foreign real estate investors

Apartments in central Europe are among the least profitable investments, while the Mediterranean is at the top of preferences. According to ProfitLevel research, Athens is the second best market in Europe for real estate investment. Specifically, in the Greek capital, it takes 17.6 years for a return on investment in an apartment bought for rent […]

Real estate: ENFIA, taxation, loans and others "Problems" in 2022

Themistoklis Bakas, president of the pan-Greek real estate network E-Real Estates, spoke about what the image of the real estate market will be in 2022. The coronavirus pandemic is the main regulator of tomorrow and is reshaping data that until now have been considered landmarks in many sectors of the economy. “The Greek economy receives […]

Minimum wages: second increase in 2022

According to Imerisia, the plan, which is currently on the government’s table, envisages the start of the planning procedure during January. The second increase in the minimum wage comes after a 2% increase (which was done on New Year’s Eve), bringing it to 663 euros. Since the relevant law stipulates that the process of adjusting […]

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