Food prices skyrocket and food goes to waste

Amid soaring food prices, EU residents waste a huge amount of food worth 143 billion euros every year. BB.LV says, citing the Guardian, that this is 153 million tons of food per year, while a staggering figure of 15 million tons exceeds the volume of imports and twice as much as previously thought. Concerned activists […]

By analogy with the FuelPass, the Greeks will be given a food bonus

The countdown to the announcement (annual report) of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on ΔΕΘ has already begun. According to the financial staff is considering the possibility of providing an allowance for the purchase of food.If this is possible, the most vulnerable social groups, after the fuel and electricity allowance, will receive food. It will be, […]

The energy crisis has reached our plate

Moscow’s “games” with the refusal to supply natural gas to Europe led to a flurry of rising prices for bread, milk, legumes and other staple foods. Until the middle of last year, the dairy industry mainly paid attention to the cost of the main raw material it uses, that is, the price of milk. It […]

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