M. Rubin: “The US should blow up the Turkish Stream just like they did with Nord Stream 1 and 2”

One of the most famous Washington “hawks” among the US Democratic Party, Michael Rubin, in his article in the National Interest, said that the undermining of the Nord Stream was carried out by the Americans on the orders of President Joe Biden, and demands that the US also strike the Turkish Stream pipeline, which transports […]

Turkey has signed a contract with Russia for the construction of a second nuclear power plant! 25% of Turkish Stream will be paid in rubles

Turkey signed up for a second nuclear power plant to be built by Russia, and Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan agreed that Ankara would pay in rubles for 25% of Turkish Stream. The meeting of the two leaders lasted about 40 minutes and took place on the sidelines of the summit of the Shanghai […]

Russia warns the US "consequences"

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that only the “finest line” separates the United States from becoming a party to the conflict in the war against Ukraine. “UP” quotes Deputy Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergei Ryabkov, whose words are quoted by the Russian agency “RIA News”: “We have repeatedly […]

The largest military “bloc” in history has become a reality: Russia-China-India join forces

The largest military “bloc” in history is a fait accompli as Russia, China and India pool their military forces and forge a rival military alliance to rival the West. Military from China and India have begun arriving in Russia to participate in the joint Vostok 2022 exercise, demonstrating the devastating failure of Western efforts to […]

The American Conservative: "Is Russia a State Sponsor of Terrorism?"

The American Conservative published an article that questioned the practice of declaring countries sponsors of terrorism, pointing out that, according to existing criteria, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, and the United States itself, which actively sponsor terrorist organizations around the world, can be included in this list. . Kyiv remains afloat, thanks to the abundant assistance […]

Russia expands cooperation with Iran

Following the drones, Iran will supply spare parts and equipment for aviation to Russia. The Persians will organize the maintenance of the air fleet of Western aircraft. Don’t ask where Iran’s aviation industry comes from, but old American planes, both passenger and, by the way, military, still fly there. Iran will also supply auto parts […]

Washington Post: Iran prepares to supply Russia with hundreds of drones, including attack drones

Tehran is preparing to supply several hundred drones to Moscow and train the Russian military in their use. The American newspaper The Washington Post writes about this, referring to the words of US national security adviser Jake Sullivan, told to reporters at a briefing. The senior official noted the White House’s confidence that the transfer […]

“Decolonization” – the US government initiated discussions on the idea of ​​dividing Russia into parts

The US government launched a discussion about the “moral and strategic” necessity of dividing Russia into several separate states. A briefing on the “decolonization of Russia” was held at the US Government Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, writes Niccolo Soldo in the article “Delirium about Russia” on the Substack portal. By according to […]

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