Seismologist: possible megatsunami from Tonga volcano

According to seismologist professor Efthymis Lekkas, he leaves open the possibility of a megatsunami due to continued volcanic activity in Tonga. In particular, Professor of Disaster Management ( Διαχείρισης Φυσικών Καταστροφών) Efthimis Lekkas, based on field research conducted by him on the Krakatoa volcano, belonging to the same geotectonic fault, in December 2018 emphasized the […]

Earthquake near Athos – expert opinion

Professor of Dynamic Tectonics, Applied Geology and Disaster Management, OASP President Efthymios Lekkas commented yesterday’s earthquake near Mount Athos with a magnitude of 5.4 on the Richter scale: “We are not threatened by a stronger earthquake in the Anatolian fault. The evolution of the phenomenon is positive, with continuous aftershocks that release tectonic forces in […]

Richter 6.5 earthquake shocks Paphos in Cyprus

Shortly after three o’clock tonight, January 11, an earthquake measuring 6.5 on the Richter scale woke the inhabitants of Paphos. According to the automatic decision of the European-Mediterranean Seismological Center and the Geodynamic Institute of the National Observatory of Athens, the source depth was 19.5 km. The epicenter was located at a distance of 50 […]

Florin earthquake at night (video)

Florina residents experienced a terrible Sunday-Monday night, following a 5.5 magnitude seismic quake at 11:43 PM followed by continuous tremors. Schools and kindergartens are closed there today. Before midnight, there was an earthquake measuring 5.3 on the Richter scale in Florin – shallow, prolonged and accompanied by a hum. It was felt not only throughout […]

5.6 magnitude earthquake in Crete

Seconds before the 5.6 Richter earthquake that rocked Crete, at 7:08 am this morning, the island’s residents were alerted to their mobile phones. This is a special Google application that sends a message about strong seismic vibrations that the gadget senses. The epicenter of the earthquake was recorded 17 km from Arkhana-Asterousia. The depth of […]

New strong earthquake near Crete

At 20:59 this Sunday, December 26, near Crete, it is again restless – after an earthquake with a force of 5.2 points at 17 hours, a new seismic vibration is estimated at 5.4 points. According to the Geodynamic Institute, the epicenter was located 45 kilometers south of Kassos in the sea area, and the depth […]

Strong earthquake near Crete

A seismic vibration of 5.2 points was recorded today in the Crete area shortly after 17:00. According to the Geodynamic Institute, the epicenter of the earthquake was 41 kilometers south of Kassos. The depth of its hearth is estimated at 10 km. The earthquake data coming from the Geodynamic Institute of Athens and the European […]

Elasson earthquake

A seismic shock of magnitude 4 on the Richter scale was recorded today a few minutes before 14:00 in Elasson. The epicenter of the earthquake, according to the Athens Geodynamic Institute, was 15 km southwest of Elassona. The depth of the focus is estimated at 6.8 km. The earthquake data coming from the Geodynamic Institute […]

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