Hallucinogens or "magical" mushrooms seized for the first time in Epirus from a student

The narcotic mushrooms that cause hallucinations were first detected and seized in Epirus, while only a few such cases were found throughout the country. According to epiruspost.gr, these are special species grown under certain conditions and used as a “drug”, usually along with alcohol. An earlier circular from the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and […]

To the medical examiner "go shopping"

The armed man was detained by officers ΕΛΑΣ while trying to break into the crime lab. The Greek police were alerted. Initial information suggests that the man was immediately arrested as soon as the police found the weapon in his possession. At first, he did not report the presence of a pistol, but after its […]

More than 170 kilograms of cocaine found in a container in the port of Piraeus

According to preliminary estimates, the cost of the “cargo” is estimated at 6 million euros. The Drug Enforcement Subdivision of the Attica Security Directorate, after receiving information and in cooperation with the DEA of the US Embassy in Athens, in connection with the imminent importation of a large amount of cocaine from South Africa to […]

Thessaloniki: clashes near Aristotle University due to university police

The situation at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is extremely tense, with dozens of student union members continuing to oppose the presence of the university police, and riots erupted at noon. By June 2022, the Greek police have hired a total of 2,000 special guards for universities. Also, OPPI University Protection Teams (Ομάδες Προστασίας Πανεπιστημιακών […]

The police eliminated the network of drug dealers: they found hiding places and deciphered the code names

The Anti-Narcotics Sub-Directorate of the Attica Security Directorate has begun dismantling a major drug-trafficking network in Mykonos. Attica Security’s anti-drug prosecutor’s office, in cooperation with the Mykonos sub-district police, had to pick up shovels and hoes to “get to the bottom of the truth.” In a literal sense, they had to dig the ground to […]

Constance Dimoglidou is the new press secretary of ΕΛΑΣ

By the decision of the head of the Greek police, Dimoglidu, Constantia was appointed as the press secretary ΕΛΑΣ. Police Officer II Rank (η Αστυνόμος Β’) Ms. Dimoglidou graduated from the Hellenic School of Police Officers in 2012. Since then, she has held various responsible positions in the services of Piraeus, as well as in […]

Elasona: walked, walked and found… a skeleton

A resident of Elasona went for a walk on Wednesday afternoon, not even suspecting what a terrible find awaits him. Walking among the bushes near Verdicusia, at about 19 o’clock, the man suddenly saw human bones under his feet, writes elassona884.gr. The police and a special team immediately arrived at the scene of the incident […]

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