EU countries bordering Russia want to ban tourists from Russia from traveling to Europe through their territories

The countries bordering the Russian Federation in the coming days may announce a ban on the passage of Russians through their territories to visit European countries. About active negotiations between member countries EU informed the portal ERR Veiko Pesur, press secretary of the Estonian Ministry of the Interior: “If the countries agree on a common […]

Is Greece good without tourists from Russia?

Greek tour operators talk about how they live without Russian tourists. The significantly reduced flow of citizens from Russia has put those Greek regions in a difficult position, which are traditionally focused on vacationers from the Russian Federation. Suffer luxury hotels, fish taverns, expensive restaurants. Local Tour Operators told RIA Newshow the situation in the […]

European cities are crowded with tourists: in the top 10 two Greek

The rating of European cities that are “crowded” with tourists was published by the Holidu search engine, on which a corresponding survey was conducted. Holidu bills itself as the “best rental search engine” that promises to help you find great accommodations at low prices. Using statistical data, the company published a ranking based on the […]

Greece as a victim of tourism

The Greek publication Kathimerini speculates that Greece may well become a victim of its own tourism. This year, the flow of tourists to Greece is breaking records. However, this could lead to infrastructure overload, damaging the reputation of the Greek tourism industry. Arrivals in Greece in July are astounding, with 14 major airports handling 5.127 […]

Most "happy" tourist destinations

Considering nine important criteria for a quality vacation, Club Med experts have determined where it is best to go for “happiness”. However, everyone understands it in their own way … As tells The Sunamong the criteria that were taken into account – safety, crime rate, number of day trips, ecology, spas and even … the […]

Kikilias: "Athens prepares for 1 million visitors this week"

The Guardian quoted Vassilis Kikilias as saying: “The whole world is voting for Greece.” The Minister of Tourism of Greece notes with satisfaction: “Even with the war in Europe, the pandemic that is still with us, the energy crisis, global uncertainty, inflation, tensions with Turkey, tourists still come.” The Guardian article reports that “Athens prepares […]

Restaurateurs in despair, despite the “rise” of tourism: most tourists are limited to only a salad

As summer enters its peak month, foreign tourists are expected to peak and the islands are almost 100% full, but catering revenues… are not that encouraging. According to a report presented by the central news outlet of the Alfa channel, 1 in 2 entrepreneurs see a drop in turnover, and 6 out of 10 see […]

Cyprus is bad without Russian tourists

Cyprus hoteliers complain about the loss of income due to the lack of Russian tourists. After the difficult pandemic years, the island’s tourism industry is trying to get back on its feet. However, travel restrictions and sanctions imposed on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine have significantly reduced the number of tourists from Russia. If […]

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