April 16, 2024

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Another cyclone is approaching – meteorologist’s warning

Meteorologist Clearhos Marousakis warns of severe and dangerous weather events in the near future. The expert emphasizes: “You need to be especially careful during bad weather!”

According to a message published on the page marousakis.gr, from Today in our country the weather is expected to worsen from north to south, with the main characteristics being local heavy rains and storms, the predominance of very strong northerly winds and a significant drop in temperature.

The worsening weather is expected to peak on two days, Tuesday and Wednesday. These will be the most dangerous days of the new week. The reason for this development of events is an unfavorable weather front that is approaching Greece from the northwestern Balkans.

The geographical regions that the forecaster believes will be most affected by the cyclone are the west, center and north of the country. That’s where it’s expected the greatest amount of precipitation in a short period of time.

Areas such as the northern Ionian Sea, Epirus, west-central Macedonia, Thessaly, west-central Sterea, and the central and northern Peloponnese are areas where locally precipitation can exceed 40–60 tons per hectare for less than 12 hours. This can lead to flooding either locally or on a wider scale.

As colder air collides with pre-existing warm air masses, it will create a large difference in atmospheric pressure, which will lead to gale force winds prevailing, especially in central and northern Greece. The storm will be accompanied by rain, hail, and lightning strikes.

For areas located from the height of Lamia and above, the air temperature will drop significantly, in some places by more than 10°C. Snow is expected in the mountains.

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