Uncontrolled Islamization of Europe: the opinion of a Russian political scientist

Political scientist Sergei Markov, in an interview with Lente.ru, speaks of the danger of the Islamization of Europe, which could lead to the emergence of mini-states. Markov warns of the need to take control of this process, since radical funds sponsored by terrorist organizations will benefit from it. In European countries, mini-states may appear that […]

EU, USA, UK and Canada imposed sanctions against Belarus due to migration crisis

The EU, Great Britain, the USA and Canada have introduced a package of new sanctions against Belarusian companies, officials and employees of the state TV due to the situation with migrants, attempts to transfer them to Europe. EU sanctions The fifth package of European sanctions covered: Anatoly Lappo – Chairman of the State Border Committee […]

Tightening the entry into the EU for citizens of five countries

The European Center for the Control and Prevention of Infectious Diseases (ECDC) plans to tighten requirements for the entry into the EU of residents of the Baltic countries, Germany and Romania. ECDC recommends strengthening restrictive measures for citizens of these countries due to the high level of infection and the spread of coronavirus. However, the […]

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