The European Union failed to agree on the introduction "ceiling" Russian gas prices

Because of the threats of the Russian President to completely cut off supplies to EU abandoned plans to limit gas prices. According to The Telegraph in an analytical article, several countries decided not to support this proposal, and in emergency negotiations it was rejected. However, European energy ministers have asked the European Commission to come […]

EU countries bordering Russia want to ban tourists from Russia from traveling to Europe through their territories

The countries bordering the Russian Federation in the coming days may announce a ban on the passage of Russians through their territories to visit European countries. About active negotiations between member countries EU informed the portal ERR Veiko Pesur, press secretary of the Estonian Ministry of the Interior: “If the countries agree on a common […]

Gas supplies via the Nord Stream gas pipeline have been completely halted

“Gazprom” announced the stop of pumping gas through the “Nord Stream” pipeline. The Federation Council recommended that Europeans stock up on firewood. On the evening of September 2, the Russian gas company announced a malfunction of the Portovaya compressor station and, in connection with this, stopped gas pumping through the pipeline. AT message “Gazprom” in […]

A special sensor instantly scans the amount of vitamins in fruits and vegetables

The ambitious European Food Screening EMR project will take agriculture in Europe to a completely different level – a special sensor will detect the presence of vitamins in agricultural products in real time and help adjust the growing conditions. The project brings together farmers, food producers, technology laboratories and universities. Let’s talk about just one […]

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