Indian summer has come to Greece

The weather forecast for the Athens National Observatory on Friday predicted high temperatures in Greece over the next few days, well above the average for this time of year. The air temperature in November will be 6-7 degrees Celsius higher than the average. Temperature forecast for November 5-9, 2021 The movement of hot air masses […]

Heat again …

After a short break in the relative “coolness” in Greece, the temperature is expected to rise again. Temperatures will gradually rise this week, according to from the National Observatory of Athens. According to meteorologists, high temperatures will continue until Wednesday 18/8. It is expected that the column of mercury on the mainland of Greece […]

The heat is back: the thermometer reaches 42 degrees

The new heatwave, which began earlier in the week, is expected to peak today. According to forecasts from the National Observatory of Athens /, the temperature will reach 42⁰C on Wednesday. A strong sense of discomfort will reignite, especially in Athens and the suburbs, where dust and ash pollution will make it difficult to breathe. […]

Greece sets pan-European temperature record

Today in Greece, a pan-European temperature record was recorded, which exceeded 46 ° C. And the heat is not going to recede. Meteorologist Yiannis Kallianos announced today’s all-European temperature record of 46.3 degrees, it was recorded by automatic meteorological stations of the National Observatory of Athens / in Makrakomi (Phthiotida). The mercury column rose […]

Heat: the authorities recommended to release workers from duties from 12:00 to 16:00

In recent days, heat waves have prevailed in Greece and the government has taken emergency measures to protect workers. Two circulars issued by competent ministries provide for abstinence from work for civil servants belonging to vulnerable groups and a recommendation to take a break from 12:00 to 16:00 for employees in the private sector, […]

Unprecedented heat: in 87 regions of Greece, the air temperature exceeded + 40 ° С

In 87 districts, the air temperature exceeded + 40 ° С and reached + 44.6 ° С in Messinia. As officially reported, on Saturday, July 31, unprecedented heat prevailed across the country. According to the network of automatic meteorological stations of the National Observatory of Athens /, the mercury column has risen or exceeded […]

DEI warning: do not overload the network, possibly disconnection

An extraordinary meeting was held under the leadership of the Minister of Environment and Energy Costas Skrek on the topic of the maximum consumption of electricity in the system due to the prolonged heat wave. The Minister of Environment and Energy called an extraordinary meeting of the crisis management team on Sunday morning to test […]

Weather: the peak of the heat will come on August 2

According to the latest forecasts from the National Observatory of Athens /, high temperatures in Greece will continue over the weekend. Peak will occur on Monday 2 August when temperatures will exceed 45˚C locally. The question arises: why does this hot heatwave last so long and is accompanied by such high temperatures? “The answer […]

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