Summer is on the doorstep: the first "attack" heat up to +35°C

The first mini-heat wave is approaching, the air temperature will reach +35°C, the National Meteorological Service EMY informs. Today, Saturday, May 21, it will be clear throughout the country, and in the coming days the air temperature will rise. In the Cyclades, Crete and Dodecanese, temporary cloud cover, occasional rain, and possibly thunderstorms are predicted. […]

Extreme heat is coming to Europe

Meteorologist Sakis Arnautoglu warns of a heatwave approaching Europe – the thermometer will rise above 40°C. Greece is not likely to be affected by a major heat wave, but some European regions will reach 42-43°C this coming weekend. The meteorologist says newsbeast, writes in his Facebook post: “A very severe May heatwave will affect much […]

Weather in Greece: temperature rises to 30°C

The drawn-out spring of 2022 seems to have decided to hand over its rights to summer. Meteorologists report that good weather will prevail throughout the country in the coming days, and on Saturday, May 14, temperatures will exceed 30 ° C in some areas. The weather service of the Athens National Observatory predicts up […]

Weather forecast for the near future

The weather in most parts of the country will resemble summer, and the air temperature will be high enough for seasonal. The mercury column will remain at the same level as yesterday, when it almost reached +30°C (as the thermometer recorded +29.4°C in Wari), however, in some areas the weather will be unstable from noon, […]

Europe has experienced a year of climate chaos

In 2021, Europeans experienced the hottest summer ever recorded in history, with fires, floods and heat waves hitting the Old Continent, according to a report by European scientists published on Good Friday. Summer temperatures were about 1 degree Celsius above the average for the past three decades, and Italy even recorded 48.8°C – an unofficial […]

Greece: African dust and heat on the horizon

In the coming days, summer-like hot weather will come, but the sun’s rays will hardly break through the dusty masses from Africa. Weather forecaster Sakis Arnautoglu writes on Facebook that high temperatures and African dust pollution will peak in the middle of the week, he is quoted as saying A significant transfer of African […]

Indian summer has come to Greece

The weather forecast for the Athens National Observatory on Friday predicted high temperatures in Greece over the next few days, well above the average for this time of year. The air temperature in November will be 6-7 degrees Celsius higher than the average. Temperature forecast for November 5-9, 2021 The movement of hot air masses […]

Heat again …

After a short break in the relative “coolness” in Greece, the temperature is expected to rise again. Temperatures will gradually rise this week, according to from the National Observatory of Athens. According to meteorologists, high temperatures will continue until Wednesday 18/8. It is expected that the column of mercury on the mainland of Greece […]

The heat is back: the thermometer reaches 42 degrees

The new heatwave, which began earlier in the week, is expected to peak today. According to forecasts from the National Observatory of Athens /, the temperature will reach 42⁰C on Wednesday. A strong sense of discomfort will reignite, especially in Athens and the suburbs, where dust and ash pollution will make it difficult to breathe. […]

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