Mitsotakis: Turkey will respect international law and return to de-escalation process

Mitsotakis briefed the European Council on developments in the eastern Mediterranean. According to him, “Athens is fully embraced by the draft conclusions, which clearly ask Turkey to stop questioning the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the countries of the European Union, and return to the process of de-escalation in full respect for international law.” “We […]

The decision of the EC and the reaction of Russia to the possible granting of candidate status to Ukraine

Russia refuses to believe in a European perspective for Ukraine, but is closely following developments ahead of the summit EU. Today, the European Commission officially recommended granting Ukraine the status of a candidate for EU membership, subject to the further implementation of the necessary steps for joining the European Union. About the decision informed EC […]

Following Scholz’s visit to Ukraine

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said after visiting Kyiv that Russian President Vladimir Putin has a distorted perception of reality. According to Scholz, after a visit to the Ukrainian capital, the Russian president illusory hopes that he will be able to seize part of the territory of Ukraine, and then, over time, simply wait for changes, […]

The Netherlands and Denmark are against granting status to Ukraine "candidate"

Next week, the EC may make a formal recommendation to grant Ukraine candidate status for EU membership. But Denmark and the Netherlands disagree. According to Bloombergciting its sources, the EC recommendation will be accompanied by certain conditions related to anti-corruption legislation and the rule of law. The final decision must be made by the leaders […]

Ukraine is offered "vestibule" on the way to the EU – intermediate membership

Proposal to grant Ukraine “intermediate” membership in EU made June 5 Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer. He wants to create a special “preparatory space” where Ukraine could reach EU standards. According to Reuters, the Austrian chancellor implies an intermediate stage between cooperation and full EU membership for Ukraine and Moldova, so that these countries reach European […]

Greece will supply Ukraine with Soviet tanks

Olaf Scholz assured Ukraine that Greece would supply tanks instead of armored vehicles. He noted that now the ministries of defense of the two countries are working out the specifics of the agreement. Its essence is that instead of its Soviet-style tanks, which Greece will transfer to Ukraine, it will receive modern combat vehicles from […]

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