Ex-Greece president criticizes incumbent prime minister for spying on opposition

Mitsotakis government violates the constitution and tries to avoid political responsibility by shifting it to othersbecause of the awkward position associated with the issue of spying on political opponents and journalists, according to former Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos. The former President of the Hellenic Republic openly criticized the Prime Minister, putting the Mitsotakis government in […]

New study: Covid-19 re-infection rate increases with number of vaccine doses

“Reinfection in vaccinated people is more common than previously thought,” said Icelandic scientists who were evaluating individuals re-infected with SARS-CoV-2 during the Omicron wave in Iceland in a statement. On the Athens News website, we have repeatedly mentioned that the Covid-19 vaccines that have been administered to billions of people on our planet are still […]

Greek surgeon: "COVID-19 vaccines turn children’s tissues into jelly"

The shocking yet well-documented claim that It should be noted that what she is saying now has previously been told privately by many doctors, at least two pediatric surgeons, who are afraid to speak about it in public. Greek Pediatric Surgeon’s Shocking Testimony About COVID-19 Vaccines: “They Turn Children’s Tissues Into Jelly”! What Vasiliki Sulaymanova […]

The Russian President criticized the West

Speaking at the 10th Moscow International Security Conference, Russian President Vladimir Putin lashed out at the collective West. According to Putin in his address to the participants of the event, Washington is deliberately prolonging the conflict in Ukraine and at the same time fomenting contradictions in Asia, Latin America and Africa. The Russian President called […]

Chania airport closed after US Air Force fighter jet reported landing problem

Chania airport was closed on Monday afternoon after a US Air Force fighter jet reported a technical problem that prevented it from landing. Arrivals and departures were temporarily suspended, as was vehicle traffic to and from the airport. According to local news site flashnews.grIt all started shortly after 3pm. All services at the Daskalogiannis airport […]

Thassos fires: Arson suspect arrested

A 65-year-old man has been arrested as the prime suspect in a massive fire on the island of Thassos. The fire department also has strong evidence that this person was responsible for the previous wildfire, in the same area, a week earlier. According to reports, the pensioner was considered a suspect from the very first […]

The energy crisis has reached our plate

Moscow’s “games” with the refusal to supply natural gas to Europe led to a flurry of rising prices for bread, milk, legumes and other staple foods. Until the middle of last year, the dairy industry mainly paid attention to the cost of the main raw material it uses, that is, the price of milk. It […]

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