Forward to the past: Russians are actively buying push-button phones

Surprisingly, the business newspaper Kommersant writes – sales of push-button telephones increased in the first 6 months of this year by 6.7% -26%. Against the background of a stable decrease in sales in previous years (5-10%), 2021 was surprised – in monetary terms, sales of push-button phones increased by 18.8% (Svyaznoy) and 35% (M.Video-Eldorado group) […]

I prefer unemployment to vaccinations

An employee at the ΠΓΝΠ Hospital in Patras expressed his opinion, stating, “I was forced to get vaccinated, but I preferred unemployment and peace of mind.” An employee who retired from his job at the University Hospital of Patras (Πανεπιστημιακό Γενικό Νοσοκομείο Πατρών) when he was forced to vaccinate despite having been ill told the […]

Burglars caught burglary of homes throughout Attica

Greek law enforcement officials released the identities and photographs of seven local residents, members of a criminal organization, who systematically committed burglaries in homes located in various parts of Attica. Information about the identity of the criminals was announced after the relevant decision of the Athens Prosecutor’s Office. The group of robbers was liquidated on […]

The transformation of Mount Lycabettus

Few cities in the world have the privilege of having such a significant natural landmark as a hill like Lycabettus at their center. This is an urban forest park with an area of ​​about 180 hectares, a great place for recreation, summer concerts and events. Lycabettus is famous for its ecological trails, hiking trails and […]

Showdown in Kallithea over a girl

The Kallithea Police Department announced the arrest of two young men who challenged their girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend, a 24-year-old local, to a “duel”. During the showdown, a 30-year-old man pulled out a pistol and fired, as a result of which the guy was seriously injured. According to the information, the defendant made an appointment with his […]

Bonus to doctors for vaccinations in private clinics, pharmacies and at home

The government plans to start vaccinating in private clinics, pharmacies and at home, and will provide bonuses to doctors and pharmacists that will help increase the number of vaccinations. Minister of Health Vasilis Kikilias, speaking on the program “Hour of Greece” on the Open TV channel, announced that “pharmacists and doctors will be able to […]

Vaccination: Increasing Pfizer Dosage Spacing More Effectively

British scientists have found that increasing the interval between two doses of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine produces more antibodies. According to the BBC, an eight-week break is considered an ideal break. The researchers say that increasing the interval seems to solve the problem of protection against the Delta variant. Initially, the decision to increase the interval between […]

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