Frontex: Arrivals of illegal immigrants to the EU in 2021 increased by 57%

There were about 200,000 illegal immigrants registered in the European Union in 2021, the highest number since 2017, according to a Frontex report. The number of illegal arrivals was 57% higher than in 2020, when the pandemic-related restrictions sharply reduced the influx of migrants, but 36% higher than in 2019. “The number of illegal entries […]

Guardian: who is trading "boats of death"

British report Guardian reveals the cooperation of Greek and German traders with Turkish smugglers transporting people from France to Britain and from Turkey to Greece. According to GUARDIAN, Germany and Greece are the main customers of Chinese inflatable boat manufacturing and distribution companies. The article follows the journey of an inflatable boat from the factory […]

EU, USA, UK and Canada imposed sanctions against Belarus due to migration crisis

The EU, Great Britain, the USA and Canada have introduced a package of new sanctions against Belarusian companies, officials and employees of the state TV due to the situation with migrants, attempts to transfer them to Europe. EU sanctions The fifth package of European sanctions covered: Anatoly Lappo – Chairman of the State Border Committee […]

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