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Why cats don't go to your hands and don't like to be petted

Some pets can be quite obstinate – they will never go into your arms and even dodge when you want to pet your fluffy cat.

How notes edition BB.LV, some representatives of the Scottish Fold breed are particularly capricious in this regard, but not only. When asked what is causing this, veterinarians answer that there may be several reasons:

  • Your pet may have some pain.
  • The cat is simply not accustomed to this form of communication from the very beginning.
  • The so-called “royal” self-sufficient cat breeds are especially obstinate – Bengals, Abyssinians, Britons, Russian Blues, Maine Coons, Sphynxes.

It is recommended to spend more time with animals that do not come into close contact. For example, play with fishing rods or balls; to improve contact, learn simple commands.

Breed characteristics play an important role. Due to the peculiar curved ears, fold-eared cats have a predisposition to diseases of the cartilaginous apparatus – osteochondrodysplasia. This is an incurable congenital pathology, which is accompanied by underdevelopment of bone tissue around the joints, impaired growth of bones and the spine. This is a very painful condition, and it is precisely because of the pain that cats are often not very willing to make contact. By the way, a cat of this breed, as a rule, chooses one favorite from the family, which is allowed much more than the rest.

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