Violent fight between prisoners in Domoko prison

A 47-year-old Greek and a 32-year-old Iranian are in critical condition after a wild, large-scale brawl that took place yesterday between prisoners in the A1 wing of the Domoko prison. The incident between Greek and Pakistani prisoners took place after 18:00 on Thursday, transmits After hand-to-hand combat, the prisoners took out homemade knives, as […]

A gang of minors who robbed their peers using brass knuckles and knives was detained

Terror was sowed in the area by a gang of minors who defiled, armed with knives and brass knuckles, robbed their peers in the very “heart” of Kifisia. According to the Mega channel, the gang “went out in search of a victim” with knives, crowbars and brass knuckles, intimidating and robbing peers. Two members of […]