Terrible situation with hotels in Thessaloniki

Hotel occupancy in Thessaloniki is at an all-time low. The dull picture of “today’s everyday life” was not recorded either during the economic crisis or in past years of the pandemic period. The cancellation of many conferences, as well as the spread of new mutations (Delta and Omicron) were the main reasons that forced the […]

Cocktails at five of the best Athenian roof gardens

Five of the capital’s best roof gardens where you can sip delicious refreshing cocktails while enjoying the beautiful views of Athens. A popular trend in the bar area is roof gardens on the rooftops of famous hotels and their updated, elaborate cocktail collections. Several years ago, despite the impressively high level of domestic bartenders, hotel […]

Greece: hotels to open in three waves

Greek hotels will open in three stages this year. Which one everyone joins in depends on the market in which they are attracting customers, i.e. whether it is geared towards Greek or foreign tourists, and whether travel between Greek prefectures will be allowed. At the same time, the decisions of the government, the situation with […]

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