September 27, 2023

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Turkey will not accommodate Ukrainian and Russian tourists separately

Representatives of the Turkish tourism business see no reason to organize a separate resettlement of Russians and Ukrainians.

According to ProfiTravel, there are no real conflicts, and the authorities are always ready to abruptly stop any of their manifestations. Based on the fact that last year’s season there were no significant incidents, hoteliers will not take preventive measures, at least not yet.

Rashad Mammadov, founder of the TBS network and OneTouch tour operator, notes that the tourist flow from Ukraine is small, so one should hardly expect any conflict situations. However, any manifestations of hostility will be immediately suppressed. As, for example, happened in the winter of 2023.

Then the football teams of the two countries, who came to the training camp, ended up in the same hotel. As a result the resulting brawl several people were injured, after which one of the teams was quickly transferred to another hotel.

Ukrainian tourists come to Turkey despite the lack of air traffic: bus tours are carried out from the cities of Western Ukraine, Ukrainian citizens from Europe often come, says Anna Yiit, Deputy General Manager of the Pine Beach Resort Hotel:

“Hotels always have the opportunity to reduce the number of contacts between tourists from different countries, and these methods have been used for many years, as guests from all over the world come to Turkey. For example, at the reception they try not to accommodate guests from conflicting countries in neighboring rooms or do not rent out neighboring pavilions on the beach. But these are increasingly reinsurance measures, because there are no real conflicts, and the issue of resettling guests in different hotels is not on the agenda at all.”

The local authorities in Antalya are determined to stop any conflicts between tourists, since the region, and the whole country, does not need negative PR at all, notes ProfiTravel.

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