Where hotels have risen in price: Greece leads among Mediterranean countries

The Association of Tour Operators of Russia has identified areas where the cost of hotel accommodation, compared with the “pre-pandemic period”, has increased the most. In the list of Mediterranean Greece is in first place.

Specialization of the Spanish company Mabrian Technologies – research in the field of tourism. She monitored the cost of hotels in eight countries – Italy, Greece, Egypt, France, Tunisia, Turkey, Spain and Portugal. In their study, the company’s experts analyzed bookings from July 25 to August 7, 2022 and compared the data with the same period in 2019.

According to the study, the Greek rates for accommodation “jumped” the most. By 63%, or up to 192 euros per day, accommodation in four-star hotels has risen in price. In a five-star hotel, the price increase was 110%, up to 338 euros. For three stars, tourists will have to pay 19% more than 3 years ago, an average of 118 euros per night.

In France, prices for three- and four-star hotels not only did not increase, but even fell, to 110 and 173 euros per night, respectively, or by about 12%. But expensive rooms in five-star hotels have risen in price by 13%, up to 419 euros per night.

In Turkey, the opposite is true – three and four stars have risen in price by 8% (68 and 100 euros per day), and expensive comfortable rooms have fallen in price by 10%, you will have to pay only 154 euros per night for them.

In Italy, the cost of living in a five-star hotel has not changed since 2019 and is still 400 euros. Cheaper options have changed: three-star hotels have risen in price by 5% (115 euros), while four-star hotels have fallen in price by 5% (161 euros).

In Spain, the cost increase affected all hotels: 7% (€108) in three-star hotels, 5% (€145) for four-star hotels, 14% for five-star hotels.

In Portugal, prices for accommodation in three-star hotels remained the same (98 euros). In four-star hotels, the cost increased by 10% (138 euros), while five-star hotels raised the price by 18%, to 258 euros.

For Egyptian hotels in the Mediterranean, tourists will have to pay significantly more than in 2019: depending on the number of stars, the price has increased by 25% (65 euros), 41% (124 euros) and 48% (178 euros).

In Tunisia, hotel accommodation has also become not too cheap. Prices increased in a three-star hotel by 11% (72 euros), in a four-star hotel – by 28% (118 euros), in a five-star hotel – by 27% (162 euros), writes GreekReporter.

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