My light, vesiki, tell me, but report the whole truth: how to weigh yourself correctly

The most common mistakes you make every time you weigh yourself. For many, the scale is their biggest nightmare, especially at a time when most of us are returning from vacation. The weighing process is identified with the ascent to the “guillotine”, since the fear of the final result (adding hated kilograms) leads to depression, […]

Gene therapy for obesity "on the way"

Obesity is associated with many human diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, tumors, and apnea syndrome, which are fatal. Being overweight has a negative effect, causing various psychological and social problems. Obesity is also considered a serious aggravating factor in the severe form of COVID-19. The total number of overweight and obese children in Greece […]

Bathing benefits for the elderly

How many years I have been living in Greece, I never cease to be amazed and, I will tell you a secret, I envy the white envy of dry old men and old women over 80 who swim in the sea all year round. It happens that you walk along the embankment, wrap yourself in […]

Research: what increases life expectancy

A new scientific study by researchers from Israel confirms the findings of previous studies on the topic, which argue that optimism is associated with improved physical and mental health and, accordingly, with increased opportunities and life expectancy. Older adults who are optimistic and inclined to see the bright side of things tend to live longer, […]

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