July 16, 2024

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New Study: A Handshake Can Predict Your Death

According to the Daily Express, research has shown that a simple test can tell you how long you’ll live.

In particular, the way you shake hands may be a useful indicator of health, since a weak grip is associated with a higher risk of premature death. But what exactly does the research say? A report by scientists published in the journal Frontiers in 2023 found that a limp handshake is associated with a higher risk of death in people with high blood pressure.

“In older hypertensive patients, grip strength and comorbidities were associated with all-cause death, while a negative association was observed between grip strength and comorbidities,” the study said. In simple terms, this means that the stronger the grip, the lower chance of dying from a heart attackbut also the likelihood of developing diseases that cause heart attacks.

Looking at health problems linked to grip strength, scientists from Queen Mary University of London found that a weak handshake may be a sign of an increased risk of heart attack or stroke. In a study funded by the British Heart Association, researchers found that People with low grip strength have weaker hearts and their bodies are less able to pump blood throughout the body.

Professor Steffen Petersen, who led the study, commented: “Measuring grip strength is a low-cost, easy-to-use test that can easily identify people at high risk and prevent conditions such as heart attacks.”

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