Research: what increases life expectancy

A new scientific study by researchers from Israel confirms the findings of previous studies on the topic, which argue that optimism is associated with improved physical and mental health and, accordingly, with increased opportunities and life expectancy. Older adults who are optimistic and inclined to see the bright side of things tend to live longer, […]

Thrombosis … on your plate

Recently, one can often hear about such a diagnosis as thrombosis. Did you know that this disease was previously diagnosed quite often, including deaths. And all this in the “pre-coronavirus” era. We will tell you which foods are harmful and which ones help in this case. Thrombosis can occur due to diet or bad habits. […]

"The killers" potency: excess weight and inflammation in men

According to a study published in The Journal of Urology, the risk of testosterone deficiency is higher in obese men who regularly eat processed foods. According to research by Qiu Shi and Zhang Chichen and their Chinese counterparts, male sausages, sausages, mayonnaise and processed fries have a high DII (dietary inflammatory index) associated with testosterone […]

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