Vardaris: great beach just 30 minutes from Omonia square

Hearing the name “Vardaris”, everyone usually thinks of Thessaloniki. But if you were told that there is beach called Vardaristhen you would probably look for it somewhere in Halkidiki. Personal opinion How many years I have been living in Greece, I never cease to be surprised and I will tell you a secret that I […]

Portes: Evia’s wild beach with turquoise waters

One of the most beautiful and “wild” beaches of Evia, which is hidden from a cursory glance, is Portes (Πόρτες). Nature took care to protect it from the raging waves of the Aegean Sea. Indeed, if you visit this beach, you will be surprised by its inimitable blue-green crystal clear water and the peaceful scenery […]

The island that abandoned sun loungers: relaxing on the beach

The Aegean island “removes” sun loungers and invites us to enjoy the “wild” nature. According to the municipality of Lipsi (Λειψοί), in the summer season of 2022 the island is fully adapted to the new demands of the modern world. The municipality, together with tourism professionals, offers guests an authentic holiday based on environmental […]

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