November 30, 2023

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Cleanest free beaches near Athens

Perhaps you continue to be in Athens in August for some reason. No problem! Since the city is empty, it will be easy for you to get to the beautiful beaches with the clearest water quickly enough, without the hated traffic jams, and relax surrounded by peace and marvelous nature without the pandemonium that is observed during this period on the islands.

Staying in Athens in August is a great idea. Do not reproach yourself for continuing to work or financial difficulties did not allow you to “rest like everyone else.” Staying in the capital during the period of mass holidays does not mean at all that you are doomed or that you cannot enjoy the sea, swim in crystal clear waters, relax in the virgin natural landscape. And, mind you, all this without the expense of sun loungers and the tiring rumble (called music) pouring out of the beach bar speakers.

Here are a few beaches where you can perfectly relax, including getting here by city public transport (or using the KTEL intercity buses).

So, close to Athens, even a 40-minute drive, there are beautiful beaches. Some of them are more and some less known, some sandy, others pebbly, organized or not. There are beaches in Attica so secluded that when you arrive there, you will feel like you are on a “desert island”.

Here are five destinations to be aware of if you are staying in Athens.

CAPE beach – Sounio
It is located directly in front of Legrena, on the Athens-Sounio coastal road, just outside the village of Harakas. On the road leading to Sounio, there is a sign that reads “Property of C.A.P.E.” Ministry of Industry, Energy and Technology (“Ιδιοκτησία Κ.A.P.E.» του Υπουργείου Βιομηχανίας, Ενέργειας και Τεχνολογίας). In general, it will be difficult for you to get lost.

The luxurious beach makes you feel like you are on one of the islands of the Cyclades without even knowing it. When you get there, two things will strike you. Firstly, to go down to the beach, you need to overcome 99 steps (opinions differ, of course, some say 90). The second thing that will amaze you is that you will suddenly “find yourself on an island.” The waters here are crystal clear even though you are still close to Athens. In addition, you will appreciate the beauty of the unique landscape of Attica.

Mikri Hamolia – Vravrona
It can easily be called the most beautiful hidden beach of Attica. This is a real paradise, which, you cannot even imagine, is so close to you! Mikri Hamolia is actually a small bay with crystal clear turquoise water that is hard to find this close to Athens. We can say that it resembles the exotic beaches of the Ionian Islands. The images above are even more impressive. Emerald waters surrounded by rocks create a fabulous setting. You will not find umbrellas or sunbeds there. Nevertheless, the beautiful natural shade from the pine trees that grow on the beach is quite capable of protecting you from the scorching sun. And it’s definitely much better than umbrellas and sun loungers.

Pasalimani – Sounio
There is another beach in Sounio which we call “hidden”. This is because it is difficult to detect. To get there, you need to go around and cross the village of Pasha (Sunyo) to get to the sea. It is also called Limani tou Pasha.

This beach has crystal clear waters, a sandy beach and a unique view. Even on weekends, there are practically no people here (as on other famous beaches of Attica, where pandemonium is usually observed in summer). This is one of the beaches near Athens, which is waiting for you so that you can have a good rest and relax here.

Timari (Palea Focaia): beach with blue-green water 1 hour from Athens

A special crystal clear beach with blue water just 55 kilometers from Athens. This is the perfect place for those who love privacy. The name of the beach is not accidental. The village got its name from the multi-segmented thyme bushes that cover the slopes of the mountains and in some places reach the beach. As soon as you go down the stairs leading to the beach, the view that opens up to you will surely amaze you. The same applies to swimming in turquoise waters. Two bays – one with pebbles and one with a large sandy beach – are waiting for you.

Erotospilia – Rafina

This is one of the most popular beaches of Attica, next to Athens. Erotospilia is located one kilometer northwest of the Porto Rafti resort, has umbrellas and sun loungers. It is a small bay, well sheltered from the winds (meltemia), with sand, shade from trees, caves and blue waters. One kilometer from Porto Rafti is the “cave of lovers”. The landscape is truly magical, and those who have visited the beach speak of it as a real “natural treasure”.

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