February 25, 2024

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Beach Battle: 22 arrests

Twenty-two people were arrested in Mykonos, Paros and Rhodes yesterday, Thursday, August 17, in the context of intensive checks by the South Aegean region’s police forces to enforce beach use laws.

These are the owners, responsible persons, legal representatives of a beach establishment (cafe-bar), which is found to have violated the relevant provisions of the law. In particular, the identified violations related to the occupation of the beach by umbrellas and sun loungers without the permission of the competent authority to use the space subject to land use regulations, obstructing access to the sea by placing sun loungers at a distance of less than 5 meters from the coastline.


In particular, the following were arrested:

1. In Mykonos

  • a legal representative of the company and 17 other people who worked on the installation of a metal structure-platform with an area of ​​380 sq.m., which occupies part of the coastal-beach zone due to the lack of a license,
  • temporary manager of a catering enterprise, who placed 16 sets of sun loungers and umbrellas, occupying an area of ​​​​about 300 sq.m. (no license).

2. On Paros

  • a business owner who, without permission, placed 206 sets of umbrellas and sun loungers occupying part of the promenade and beach area.
  • a temporary site manager who, without permission, installed 12 umbrellas and 24 sun loungers, as well as a 5-meter fence and a wooden gazebo on the beach.

3. On Rhodes

  • interim business manager who placed 136 umbrellas and 272 sun loungers, of which 20 umbrellas and 40 sun loungers are located less than 5 meters from the coastline, which hindered the free access of the population to the sea. In addition, 220 tables and chairs were installed in this area, as well as wooden structures were fixed without coordination with the competent archeology (land use) service and permission to use the beach.

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