February 25, 2024

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“Miracle” in Mykonos: sun loungers were removed from the beach of Psarou, which were installed directly into the sea

Local residents, activists of the “Movement of Towels”, advocating the protection of the rights of citizens, were very happy to come to the beach of Psarou (Mykonos) today and saw him … without the hated sun loungers.

But before that, on the most famous popular beach, there were sun loungers and umbrellas even in the sea, without complying with the provisions of the law, which limits the area that can be occupied by the enterprise.

The video presented by Mykonos Live TV shows that as early as July 5, umbrellas are densely packed along the coastline, and some sun loungers do not fit on land and are installed right in the water!


Today, about a month after the “Movement of Towels” gained momentum at the pan-Greek level, attracting the close attention of the authorities and the press, the picture on the beaches of many Greek islands has become different.


The activists managed to win back “public space” in many of them.

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