Third dose – or stay at home: going to coffee shops, taverns and other entertainment venues ends on February 1

Vaccination certificate: the trip to coffee shops, taverns and other entertainment venues ends on February 1, if you do not take the 3rd dose of the vaccine. Those who have not been revaccinated will be considered unvaccinated from February 1, as the vaccination certificate will cease to be valid.Health Minister Thanos Pleuris’s application for a […]

4th Vaccine Dose: Recording Platform Opens Today

The platform today, Thursday, January 20, opened to register citizens for the 4th dose of the coronavirus vaccine. This affects approximately 500,000 immunocompromised people. Citizens belonging to this category can now make an appointment if three months have passed since the 3rd vaccination. “We once again clarify that the 4th dose of the vaccine […]

In April, the pandemic will be dealt with forever

The head of the Institute for Infectious Diseases and Hospital Hygiene at Jena University Hospital, Mathias Pletz, believes that the difficult epidemic situation caused by the spread of coronavirus will improve from April 2022. “The waves (pandemics) will become more and more insignificant, even if new options appear, because there is simply already some basic […]

Volos: two out of three anti-Axis doctors have died

Two out of three doctors closely followed by the Magnesian Medical Association for their anti-scientific views and belief in the coronavirus “conspiracy” theory are dead in recent months. In particular, doctors were handled by the disciplinary corps of the Medical Association of Magnesia, and on July 3, according to, a check was carried out […]

106-year-old granny vaccinated to “win”

One of the oldest people in Greece, a 106-year-old grandmother, was vaccinated yesterday by a private doctor in Zagora (Pelion). The long-liver urgently asked to be vaccinated, as her children and grandchildren did, in order to “win the battle for life.” Ms. Garifallia Woolgari, born on February 3, 1916 in Zagora, was looking forward to […]

Vaccination of children 5-11 years old begins in 75 districts

Today, Wednesday, December 15, they begin to vaccinate against coronavirus for children aged 5-11 years. Greece receives the first 60,000 doses of Pfizer / BioNTec childhood vaccines. Since December 10th, thousands of parents have logged onto the platform and made an appointment to vaccinate their children. The vaccine given to children contains 1/3 of […]