6,000 unvaccinated doctors suspended from work

The number of unvaccinated health workers in all hospitals in the country was cut in half at the last minute. According to the information, at the moment, 5895 applications have been submitted for the suspension of the work of doctors and another 1,500 concerns the personnel of primary health care (Πρωτοβάθμια Φροντίδα Υγείας, ΠΦΥ). The […]

Italy: certificate of vaccination will become mandatory from 2 September

In Italy, a “certificate of vaccination” will become a mandatory document from tomorrow, September 2, for admission to schools and universities, as well as for travel within the country – by train, plane and ship. At universities, the “pass” will be compulsory for students, while at schools this new measure will only apply to teaching, […]

Doctors’ application to “freeze” compulsory vaccination rejected

The Council of State responded “No” to a request for a temporary suspension by doctors and hospital staff with the aim of “freezing” the decision on the mandatory introduction of vaccinations. The Office of the Directorate General of the Council of Europe (Γ´ θερινό τμήμα του ΣτΕ), chaired by Vice President Ms Constantinidou, rejected four […]

Unvaccinated in the healthcare system

More than 20,000 unvaccinated health workers ΕΣΥ 5 days before the mandatory deadline. As of August 16, the number of receptions of the population as a whole has doubled. Five days before the national health system’s mandatory vaccination deadline (September 1), thousands of hospital and primary care workers remain unvaccinated. According to the newspaper “Katimerini”, […]

Professor’s dying interview about COVID-19

In connection with the widespread compulsory vaccination, the last interview of the late professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences Alexander Borisovich Poletaev was published, who suddenly died a month after speaking at a scientific conference. Alexander Borisovich was very worried about the people, for the country, for the situation in which the whole world, seized by […]

Expert: We can end up with vaccinated people infecting the unvaccinated

Professor of epidemiology Ioannis Ioannidis has a very pessimistic view of the incessant waves of epidemics following one after another. The expert emphasized the tendency of complacency shown (and cultivated in every possible way) by vaccinated people who neglect protective measures. “We can end up with vaccinated people infecting the unvaccinated, and some of them […]

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