Coronavirus: fourth dose of vaccine

Nikos Tsanakis, professor of pulmonology at the University of Crete, spoke on the ANT1 channel about the course of the coronavirus in the country, the large number of cases and the reasons for the increase in mortality.

As he mentioned, there are many cases which, however, do not require hospitalization and intubation. The expert noted that “now the mortality rate, compared with the previous period, when on average more than 100 deaths were recorded per day in early February, has decreased to 45.”

However, the professor added that, despite the ease of the course of the disease, more than 20,000 cases are recorded daily, and, according to him, most likely some of the sick are either not vaccinated or partially vaccinated against coronavirus. That is, there is no immune response of the body, as a result of which citizens could still get sick.

Regarding the de-escalation of coronavirus cases, Mr. Tsanakis stressed that some basic steps need to be taken. Among other things, he emphasized that everyone should be vaccinated with the 3rd dose. Vulnerable groups (with health problems, chronic diseases) should also be vaccinated with the 4th dose. However, he noted that the issue whether a 4th vaccine is needed for the general population remains to be discussed.

At the same time, the professor emphasized that the state should provide antiviral treatment to those who need it, and also mentioned the new Pfizer drug, which is a combination of monoclonal antibodies that will help in the treatment of coronavirus.

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