Former Pfizer VP claims many lies have been told about SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19

Dr. Michael Yeadon, former vice president and chief scientific adviser of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, talks about the epic and fatal fallacy of developing an mRNA vaccine to fight the coronavirus and how the authorities covered it up.

Dr. Yeadon States that many lies have been told about the extent of the threatfrom SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 disease, about that the H1N1 (swine flu) pandemic of 2009 year was “dress rehearsal” of the COVID-19 pandemic, naming the use spiny squirrel “diabolical mistake”because the 90% of the immune response generated after physical exposure to COVID-19 is not associated with the spike protein.

The Spike protein is toxic and mutates rapidly, rendering almost any protection provided by the vaccine shortly after administration useless. .

The fact that almost every country in the world has followed suit, ineffectively implementing lockdowns and other “safety” measures to ostensibly prevent COVID-19, suggests that this was a concerted supranational effort to control people!


Dr. Michael Yeadon, former vice president and chief scientific advisor of pharmaceutical company Pfizer and founder and CEO of biotech company Ziarco, now owned by Novartis, has become one of the most vocal critics of mandatory COVID and COVID-19 vaccines. And he explains why it does:

“In-first, they were lied to about the extent of the threat posed by SARS-CoV-2 and the COVID-19 disease in every way and form…intentionally, and they knew it, and no action was required other than the advice: if you are sick, stay at home.”

the 2009 swine flu was the last dress rehearsal for COVID because during the H1N1 (swine flu) pandemic between Germany, Britain, Italy and France secret deals were made with the pharmaceutical industry before the beginning pandemic H1N1, saying they would only buy H1N1 flu vaccines if the World Health Organization declared a level 6 pandemic.

Six weeks before the pandemic was declared, no one at the WHO was worried about the virus, but the media still exaggerated the danger.

Thirdly, one month before the 2009 H1N1 pandemic WHO has changed the official definition of a pandemic, removing the criteria for severity and high mortality, and leaving the definition of a pandemic as a “global epidemic”.

This change in definition allowed the WHO to declare swine flu a pandemic after worldwide deaths from the infection. total 144 people.

In 2010, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, then head of health at the Council of Europe, accused pharmaceutical companies of influencing the WHO’s announcement of a pandemic, calling swine flu a “false pandemic” caused by a major pharmaceutical company that profited from health fears.

According to Wodarga, swine flu pandemic was ‘one of the biggest medical scandals of the century’ and has much in common with the COVID-19 pandemic. Yeadon explained why: “Wodarg was a health official and politician during the 2009 swine flu pandemic.

From misuse, healthy people were diagnosed … as sick

Fourththey misused PCR, overdiagnosed cases, “tie” the hands of governments around the world to pay billions of dollars for ineffective vaccines and not very good antiviral drugs.

For the first time in history, during the COVID-19 pandemic, tests polymerase chain reaction (PCR) used to determine whether a person is healthy or sick.

If the test was positive, then the person was considered “sick”, even if he had no symptoms.

PCR=tests, used to detect COVID-19 use a powerful amplification process that makes them so sensitive that they can even detect remnants of a dead virus long after infection.

Wodarg said that COVID-19 “was a ‘trial’ pandemic.

“And the reason is that the PCR test has a theoretical lower limit, which is the smallest amount that it can detect and give a positive result, the smallest amount is one, one virus, one virus particle.

circle of positivity

… And then, basically, every time you start a cycle of this polymerase chain reaction, like spinning the starter knob, it gets hot, it cools, it heats, it cools, and basically goes through a doubling, every cycle is a doubling. …

So if a sample contains an infinitesimal number of virus fragments or a sequence that is considered a virus, not enough to make you sick, not enough to make you infectious.”

The same strategy was used for COVID, as the deaths were classified as COVID-related, but only because they were erroneously assigned to this category due to a positive test recorded within 28 days of death.

“If you die from something completely unrelated, but you have a positive PCR test result and you die within those 28 days, it is considered a death from COVID,” Nawaz said.

Interfering with the spike protein … like a naval mine

“The main problem with these vaccines is that there is no dose at which you can get clear signs of benefit without subsequent harm, which at the population level is much greater than any potential benefit.”

Besides the use of spike protein was a diabolical mistake, as it has been known for over 10 years to cause side effects in humans.

“There are no gene vaccines on the market for very good reasons, and this is one of the problems.

According to Yeadon, the best immune response of the human body occurs after natural infection with COVID-19, not after exposure to spike protein through vaccines. He declares: “90% of the immune response to COVID is not associated with spike proteins. So it wasn’t the best. If they found that the spike protein interference acts like a floating mine in the sea… blood clots, myocarditis, etc., would people decide to get a vaccine?”

Collusion of vaccine manufacturers

Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson select mRNA-based vaccines that interact with spike proteins.

So they needed … collusion to achieve universal application because the payoff was great (only the company Pfizer made $65 billion from this vaccine.

Bill Gates has made it clear that the next pandemic is inevitable, publicly declaring that COVID-19 was “pandemic number one” and “pandemic number two” is coming. “We need to prepare for the next one. This time it will attract attention,” he said, smiling.

The implication is that “next time” another mRNA experimental design will be available much faster for introduction into the population. But Yeadon is urging the public to learn from COVID-19 and understand that vaccinations are not the answer.

The mRNA vaccine is the wrong answer: it’s like a car with an accelerator pedal but no steering wheel or brakes.

It causes toxicity because when you give these gene-based vaccines, it’s like starting a car that has a gas pedal but no steering wheel or brakes… In there is nothing in the design of these vaccines that would limit their action.

Some of this will end up in your brain, the back of your eye, your ovaries or testicles, your blood vessels or your heart… So many myocarditis have happened, you can’t quickly develop vaccines and then give them to billions of people, why do you ever have there won’t be enough security data for you to know if it was a good bet or not.

Michael Yeadon (Michael Yeadon) – British pharmacologist, former vice president of the division Pfizer, co-founder and former CEO of biotechnology company Ziarco. In 2020-2021, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Yeadon repeatedly made controversial statements about harm vaccines against COVID-19who turned him into a “hero” of the anti-vaccination movement.

December 1, 2020 Yeadon, together with a German doctor and politician Wolfgang Wodargsent to European Medicines Agency petition to suspend clinical trials of all COVID-19 vaccines and, in particular, the vaccine Pfizer/BioNTech. Yeadon and Wodarg argued that the use of vaccines could cause the body’s immune system to attack the protein. syncytin-1important for the development of the placenta. Yeadon and Wodarg’s claims were not based on any research and were not true – COVID-19 vaccines do not contain syncytin-1 itself and do not cause the production of antibodies against it; The vaccine-targeted spike protein of the coronavirus and syncytin-1 are not similar. While the letter itself did not affect vaccine testing or registration, it did give rise to widespread rumors that COVID-19 vaccination causes female or male infertility..

In an interview with Stephen Bannon in June 2021, Yeadon claimed that vaccines were 50 times more dangerous to the lives of children than the virus. Yeadon referred to data from VAERS, an American vaccine adverse event reporting system. Representatives US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention noted that in this system, not a single clinically confirmed case of death of minors from vaccination was recorded at all.

In 2021, Yeadon announced the establishment of the political movement Liberal Spring – according to his idea, it was supposed to attract to the British Liberal Democrat parties youth opposed to vaccination. He also shared plans to create a settlement on the island of Zanzibar called Liberty Place (“Place of Freedom”) – for people who refused vaccination.

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