Shopping and catering for the unvaccinated

The vaccination certificate will be canceled at Easter, and those who are not vaccinated will be able to sit outside the restaurant and shop in stores without a negative rapid test.

The discussion about the cancellation of the vaccination certificate has been going on for several days, after relevant statements by expert committee member Gikas Majorkinis, who left open the possibility of canceling the vaccination certificate even before Easter: “I think 50% of this will happen before Easter, maybe starting from Holy Week.” Also, Mr. Majorkinis said about the masks that you can “stop using them indoors.”

According to Mr Maiorkinis, vaccines and the existing natural immunity developed by citizens played a big role in overcoming the pandemic. In addition, there are now tableted (oral) drugs for the treatment of coronavirus.

“Gradually, the number of dead and people in need of substantial assistance will decrease. The situation is currently in balance. But we do not see an exponential phase of the pandemic,” he said.

“Green pass/passport vaccination is done to reduce the burden on the healthcare system. If there is no pressure, there is no reason to use it,” he added, and emphasized that the vaccination certificate is “the first thing that will come back if the pressure on the healthcare system increases again.”

Thanos Pleuris: canceling other measures for Easter

This morning, March 26, Health Minister Thanos Plevris said that “as we approach summer, we want the restrictive measures to be eliminated” and clarified that “this is a process with dynamic characteristics.” Based on the course of the pandemic, he noted that a number of measures would be lifted by Easter.

What will happen to the unvaccinated in restaurants and shops

Currently, unvaccinated people are not allowed to enter indoor eating areas, while they can sit outside with a negative rapid test result.

This is expected to change as with good weather and the cancellation of the vaccination certificate, the unvaccinated will now be able to enter indoor areas.

According to Dnews, the date when the vaccination certificate, the sickness certificate and the mandatory rapid test for the unvaccinated only in open-air restaurants, as well as in retail stores, is expected to be canceled is Maundy Monday.

In this way unvaccinated citizens, without presenting an express test, they will be able to drink coffee on the street, and the vaccinated will no longer present a certificate. At the same time, as mentioned above, the “scanning” of the certificate for customers in retail stores will stop. However, in this case, the mask will remain mandatory for both employees and customers.

We remind you that for the time being, those who have not received the third dose of the vaccine do not have access to visits:

  • nightclubs,
  • indoor dining areas
  • theaters,
  • cinemas,
  • museums,
  • lectures,
  • conferences,
  • gyms.

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