Vaccination: enrollment for the third vaccination

Around 285,000 Greek citizens will receive a reminder from to get their third dose of vaccine. The administration of a booster third dose is indicated for immunocompromised individuals, as previously announced by Marios Themistocleus, and begins today, Tuesday 14/09/21, when the vaccination scheduling platform is expected to open. The President of the National Vaccination […]

Prosecutor dies after being vaccinated with AstraZeneca

The Athens Court of Appeal prosecutor and poet George Tsironis, who reportedly was in a coma for a long time due to complications after vaccination, died at the age of 60. According to information received from relatives and published by, Mr. Tsironis was vaccinated against the coronavirus with the AstraZeneca vaccine. Two weeks after […]

Compulsory vaccination: in which countries is it already applied

In some countries of the world, vaccination against coronavirus has become mandatory for certain groups of the population. The prevalence of the Delta mutation, combined with a significant portion of the population not being vaccinated, poses a threat to public health. So, in several countries of the world, including Greece, vaccination has become mandatory for […]

Expert: all vaccination certificates will be checked

“Some people were alarmed by the government’s strict measures against fake vaccination certificates, and the phenomenon immediately diminished,” said Anna Mastoraku, president of the Medical Association. Health Minister Thanos Pleuris said on September 5 that a separate article in the criminal code was being prepared regarding false vaccinations. The reason for the legislative initiative was […]

Expert: next month we will lose 600-700 people from coronavirus, 95% of them are not vaccinated

Pulmonology professor Nikos Tsanakis, in his speech Saturday morning, spoke about the rise in coronavirus cases, mainly due to the opening of schools, but also because of the imminent danger of getting sick, which threatens unvaccinated citizens. “In the next 30 days, we will lose 600-700 people, 95% of whom are not vaccinated,” Mr. Tsanakis […]

“A magnet is attracted to the place of vaccination against COVID-19, which means there are chips or metals in vaccines”

The team of Vox Chek, an independent analytical platform, as part of a partnership with Facebook to verify fakes, has investigated and unequivocally claims that information about the attraction of the metal to the vaccination site, which allegedly indicates the presence of chips in vaccines, is unreliable. However, independent foreign fact checkers from Reuters, FullFact, […]

Intubate or give "die peacefully"

After the death of a 57-year-old woman who denied the coronavirus vaccine, another patient was admitted to Evangelismos Hospital who refused to be intubated, said Matina Pagoni, president of the Doctors’ Association of Athens-Piraeus Hospital. Speaking on SKAI this morning, she said: “Often patients and relatives do not allow doctors to intubate them. From now […]

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