How many lives have been saved by COVID vaccines in Greece

According to a recent study by Associate Professor of Public Health Theodoros Litras and Professor of Infectious Diseases Sotiris Tsiodras, about 20,000 lives have been saved in our country thanks to COVID vaccines.

Scientific work sheds light on the effectiveness of vaccines against serious diseases and deaths. The study is based on vaccination data in our country from January to December 8, 2021 (does not include the Omicron period).

The results showed that 2 doses of Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines provide very high (over 90%) protection against intubation and death in all age groups, both against the Delta mutation and against previous strains. Johnson & Johnson’s monosodium vaccine was slightly less effective. Over time, the effectiveness of the vaccine decreased slightly, but remained above 80% after 6 months.

Third dose triggers protection – how many lives has the vaccine saved?

In fact, after the 3rd dose, the effectiveness of the vaccine increased by almost 100%. It is estimated that it prevented approximately 19,691 COVID deaths during the study period. We remind you that in our country, according to data to date, 23,721 people have died from coronavirus. Therefore, without vaccination, we would have almost twice as many deaths.

In conclusion, the study authors concluded that all approved vaccines are highly effective in preventing severe COVID-19 and death. “Every effort should be made to vaccinate the population with 2 doses to reduce mortality and morbidity from the pandemic,” the study authors said.

? #COVID19 όσο ένας ανεμβολίαστος 50άρης, κι ένας εμβ. 50άρης όσο ένας ανεμβ. 25άρης

👉 εμβόλιο = *μακράν* το ισχυρότερο μας όπλο, χρειαζεται όμως και 2η γραμμή άμυνας (σύστημα χρειαζεται όμως και 2η γραμμή άμυνας (σύστημα ςεγαγία χρειαζεται όμως και)

— Theodore Lytras (@TheodoreLytras) January 30, 2022

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