Oppositional Ukrainian blogger Anatoly Shariy detained in Spain

An opposition Ukrainian politician and journalist Anatoly Shariy, accused of high treason, was detained in Spain. About this May 5 informs Security Service of Ukraine. Anatoly Shariy, who was detained in Spain, will be transferred to Ukraine and there will be a trial, Fedor Venislavsky, the president’s representative in the Constitutional Court, is sure. Source: […]

Camels on Madrid avenues

Yesterday, early in the morning, the Madrid police detained unusual violators – camels walked along the streets in the company of a lama. As reported Air forceciting information from the Madrid police, the animals escaped from the Quiros Circus and went for a walk around the city. Eight two-humped camels, together with a lama, were […]

Passion for covid: green light – you can go to the toilet

Governments no longer know what to come up with as new measures to better fight the coronavirus in everyday life. Spain is a European country in which the number of vaccinated people looks just wonderful – 80.84%, and fully vaccinated – 78.96%. And this despite the fact that the country’s population is 48 million 778 […]

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