June 6, 2023

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unexpected "cooperation": Russians and Ukrainians created a criminal group in Spain

Despite hostilities between Russia and Ukraine, representatives of both countries managed to get along very well in Spain, creating a gang to rob Ukrainian refugees.

By installing GPS devices on the cars of refugees from Ukraine who came to Spain with “all their savings and valuables,” the criminals tracked their movements, says Greek edition Protothema.gr.

According to the Spanish police, Ukrainian and Russian gangsters worked together to steal money and valuables from Ukrainian refugees. The suspects, seven Ukrainians and three Russians, pursued them and attacked seven houses in the provinces of Alicante and Murcia.

After the arrest of the “international” gang, the police confiscated various items worth about 1.25 million euros, including jewelry and computers, as well as a collection of stamps worth half a million euros.

More than 160,000 Ukrainian refugees were taken in by Spain after the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24 last year. Their fates are different. Recently, our publication talked about how refugees from Ukraine were forced to work for criminal networkwho ran three tobacco factories in the slums. Spanish law enforcement officers neutralized a criminal group that closed Ukrainian refugees in clandestine factories and forced them to work in inhuman conditions. To avoid being discovered, the refugees were not allowed to leave the factory grounds and had to work under the most difficult conditions, police said. At the same time, their working hours did not meet any standards. Tobacco for the production of cigarettes, according to police, was smuggled in, and the factories were able to produce more than half a million packs a day. The products were sold both in Spain and in other countries.

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