Greece: New electricity tariffs announced without adjustment clause

The tariffs that will be in effect in August were announced by electricity suppliers on July 25, 2022: DEI €0.486/kWh, Heron €0.495/kWh, Protergia €0.54913/kWh with further differences in flat rates for each supplier. The final price is obtained by deducting the government subsidy from the suppliers’ invoices. Final consumer electricity prices for August are set […]

Fixed electricity tariffs from July 1

Changes in legislative acts regarding fixed electricity tariffs will take place from July 1 of the current year. special “help” ΔΕΗ and other electricity suppliers will provide those consumers who have stabilized tariffs with a fixed price per kilowatt-hour and are not burdened with adjustment clauses when the government’s new price reduction mechanism comes into […]

Greek PM to announce plan to regulate electricity tariffs

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis will announce at 7:00 pm today a national community support plan aimed at saving households and businesses from exorbitant electricity tariffs. The new measures are scheduled to be presented in detail on Friday 6 May by the finance and energy ministers. However, the plan will not be implemented immediately and will […]