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Electricity tariffs in December: cost per kW/h for each supplier

Electricity suppliers announced the cost of electricity tariffs for households in December.

According to the announcement, electricity charges will remain unchanged in December 2023 unchanged or lower.

In particular DEI keeps the tariff constant at 17 cents per kilowatt-hour for consumption up to 500 kilowatt-hours, while from 500 kilowatt-hours and above the price will vary to 18.2 cents, and for night rate – 12.9 cents.

December bills from alternative electricity suppliers look like this:

  • Protergia Οικιακό Value+: 0.0888 Euro/kWh από 0.1254 το Νοέμβριο.
  • Ήρων GENEROUS GUARANTEE HOME: 0.0693 Euro/kWh από 0.0855.
  • Elpedison economy plus: 0.12 Euro/kWh (no changes).
  • Nrg on time+: 0.11700 Euro/kWh (no change).
  • Watt&Volt Value+: 0.0888 Euro/kWh από 0.1254.
  • Price MAXI Free+: 0.227 Euro/kWh από 0.139.
  • Zenith Power Home now: 0.074 Euro/kWh από 0.099.
  • Volton Energy Free: 0.1061Euro (unchanged).

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