May 25, 2024

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Measures to support electricity consumers in November

The Ministry of Environment and Energy recently announced the continuation of measures to support citizens in terms of subsidies for electricity bills, as stated on 10/23 by government spokesman Pavlos Marinakis.

In particular, as regards November, subsidies for electricity in residential tariffs, as well as for all basic and non-core housing services, without income criterion and regardless of supplier, are structured as follows:

  • For monthly consumption up to 500 kWh, the subsidy increases compared to the previous month and amounts to 25 euros/MWh. This category covers 90% of Greek households.
  • Those with monthly consumption exceeding 500 kWh will receive the same support provided they reduce their average daily energy consumption by 15% compared to the corresponding last year.
  • For households included in the social household tariff (SOT), the subsidy is 60 EUR/MWh of total consumption and covers 100% of the increased costs.
  • In addition, for farmers, regardless of power supply capacity and voltage level, assistance increases compared to the previous month and amounts to 25 euros/MWh for all monthly consumption.

The total budget for supporting the electricity supply of households and farmers in November exceeded 32.2 million euros.

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