May 30, 2024

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Electricity bills: providers’ war for the “blue” tariff

Before introducing new “color tariffs” There are only a few days left for electricity, and suppliers have launched their advertising policy at full capacity.

At the same time, as we approach January 1, 2024, when “yellow” (variable), “green” (special tariffs) and “blue” (flat fee for 12 months) electricity tariffs come into force, consumers are still confused about the changes that will occur in their electricity bills.

“Blue” tariff for electricity

Electricity suppliers have announced their tariffs for blue electricity. Other companies are expected to do the same in the coming days. As can be seen from the tariffs announced on their websites, they entered into a price war to win over customers who do not want their tariffs to change, as will be the case with the “yellow” and “green” tariffs. When using the “blue” tariff, they fix the price for 12 months and do not track monthly changes in tariffs.

They don’t delve into the adjustment mechanisms, but they also don’t delve into the mathematical formulas and many proposals (sometimes incomprehensible) that electricity suppliers announce.

However, the “trap” in the “blue” electricity tariff is that variable electricity prices can be set at very low levels, and those who chose a fixed tariff will find themselves trapped in expensive electricity.

It should be noted that those who have chosen the “blue” tariff will not be able to change the tariff until the end of 12 months. If they attempt to do so, they will be subject to an early exit penalty.

“War” of providers

As mentioned above, the first providers have already announced the cost of “blue” electricity tariffs, and the competition between them is very fierce. Market sources note that having these products with commercial policies applied by each provider is also a response to the confusion caused among consumers by the decision on color-coded tariffs and mathematical formulas…


Details for each supplier “blue” tariffs are presented as follows:

  • ΔΕΗ announced two products. First – My Home Enter with a fee of 5 euros and a tariff of 0.179 euros/kWh during the daytime and 0.169 euros/kWh at night (hours of consumption at the night tariff). Second product PPC – My Home On Line with a fixed fee of 3.5 euros and a tariff of 0.175 euros/kWh during the daytime and 0.166 euros/kWh at night (hours of consumption at the night tariff).
  • Company Heron announced the FIX Home program. For 12 months from the conclusion of the contract, it provides for a fee of 0.165 euros/kWh and a fixed fee of 7.5 euros.
  • Company Elpedison announced the Elpedison Bright program. For the whole of 2024, customers who choose it will pay a fixed price of 0.169 euros/kWh and a flat fee of 3 euros.
  • For clients wishing to receive a fixed fee for 12 months, the company Protergia offers the Household Value Safe program. The fee is 0.165 EUR/kWh and the fee is 3 EUR.
  • Company Elin, in turn, announced two products with fixed tariffs for 12 months. This Power On! Blue Day with a monthly fee of 5 euros and a price of 0.149 euros/kWh. The second product is the program Power On! Blue Day & Night, under which night-time electricity is paid at a price of 0.139 euros/kWh, and daytime electricity at 0.149 euros/kWh. At the same time, during the holiday season and until 01/15/2024, elin is offering the first three months of payment as a gift.

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