UN Warns World of Coming Crisis

A global water crisis threatens the planet. More than 5 billion people will have limited access to water, the United Nations warns. Climate change is steadily leading to a global water crisis, according to an October 5 UN World Meteorological Organization report, the Associated Press said. It states that over the two decades since 2000, […]

The climate has reeled

The Law on Climate Protection from Catastrophic Changes provides for the introduction of a cap on CO2 emissions by sector. The goal is to reduce them by 55% by 2030. A country’s “weapon” to contain or defend against climate change includes climate legislation. The prolonged high temperatures that hit Greece and the wildfires that have […]

Climate disaster: Greece is one of the most vulnerable regions on the planet

“We have to adapt to the effects of climate change,” said Demosthenes Sarigiannis, professor of environmental engineering at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Speaking on the MEGA channel, the professor emphasized that we must learn to live with the situations we face due to climate change. “We have to adapt to its effects and reduce […]

Sinolakis: this climate was expected by 2040 …

The long period of hot weather observed this year was commented by academician, professor and chairman of the National Special Committee on Climate Change Konstantinos Sinolakis. “Obviously, this is not normal,” he said, referring to the extremely high temperatures observed this summer, speaking in the main newsletter of the Sky TV channel about the approaching […]

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