Thessaloniki: case of theft of tires, wheels and spare parts from parked cars solved

The case of the theft of car tires, wheels and spare parts from parked cars was investigated by employees of the property crime department of the Thessaloniki Police Department. In particular, a special group created to identify thieves specializing in this type of theft, having analyzed the method of their actions, identified and detained a […]

Theft of car catalysts: does the insurance company compensate for the damage

With catalytic converter thefts on the rise, vehicle owners need to know when they will receive compensation from their insurance company. The scope of thefts from parked cars in recent months has reached epidemic proportions due to the highly valuable metals contained in catalysts – palladium, rhodium and platinum. This, of course, alarmed the owners […]

Arrest of 12 people from Menidi and Zephyry who stole catalysts

According to the law enforcement agencies of Greece, 12 members of criminal organizations – 11 men (from 21 to 45 years old) and a 25-year-old woman – were detained today by the police of North-East Attica in the areas of Menidi and Zefiri. The detainees were prosecuted for specific crimes related to aggravated theft, damage […]


Just unbelievable but true. During the live broadcast, when the cameraman was filming a report on the city street, which was led by Alexandra Hatzigeorgiou, her car was smashed in order to rob personal property. The presenter was on the air of the Good Morning Greece program when an unidentified person attempted to steal by […]

Bloody chase in Perama: 20-year-old gypsy shot, 7 police officers arrested

Late Friday night in Perama, there was a fatal incident involving police and car thieves. The relatives of the deceased Roma are accused of premeditated murder of seven arrested guards. Police officers have been detained, an official investigation is underway. So what happened? Were their shots, which resulted in the death of a young guy, […]