Handcuffed “many-faced ghost” deftly opening cars

A thief who opened cars in Volos in August 2017 had identification cards with eight different names and four places of origin.

His details were identified yesterday, five years later, after an arrest warrant was issued for him. According to Taxydromos.gr, the offender is being held in Korydallos prison for a series of thefts in Attica. He was arrested in October 2020 on a warrant. And his identification was made by comparing the genetic material with the prints left at the crime scene 5 years ago.

The security sub-direction of the city of Volos obtained fingerprints from all the cars that the criminal had broken into. The thief opened 13 cars in two nights – August 10 and 13, 2017.

As it turned out, he constantly indicated various places of residence in hotels in Athens. When the man was finally caught, the police discovered that the perpetrator had many different identities, which turned out to be fake.

Vor stated that his places of origin were France and Belgium, and sometimes Palestine and Algeria. To this day, the authorities have not established his real data, since the man appeared under different names, surnames and patronymics, and also indicated different dates of birth.

The “many-faced ghost” was reportedly caught in a random search and arrested. Currently, the accused is being held in Korydallos prison, and a case has been initiated against him for committing numerous thefts.


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